Stop Focusing on Weight Loss Goals

Stop Focusing on Weight Loss Goals

What do football and weight loss have in common?

A few years ago I read an article in Fortune Magazine about Nick Saban’s coaching philosophy. Nick Saban, the University of Alabama Football Coach and arguably the most talented coach in college football, transformed the Crimson Tide into a multiple-national-championship football program. How does football have anything to do with weight loss goals and nutrition???? Stay with me!

Coach Saban summed up his philosophy like this, “You’ve got to have a vision. You’ve got to have a plan to implement it. Then you’ve got to develop the principles and values that are important.” In Tuscaloosa they call it “The Process.” Coach Saban’s Process was born during a November 1998 practice at Michigan State where he was serving as Head Coach at the time. His guys were training for the next game; his unranked Spartans were to play the undefeated Number 1 team, Ohio State, on the road. There, Coach Saban told his team they weren’t going to worry about winning the game. Instead he wanted them to treat every play in the game as if it had a “history and a life of its own”. And, regardless of what happened in the play before, they were to focus only on the next play.

In a huge upset, Michigan State came from behind to win 28-24. Coach Saban and his players chose to focus on the execution rather than the results. Success comes NOT by envisioning a number on the score board, or in the game of weight loss, the scale. Success results in focusing on “the process” and each of us doing the next right thing. 


That might be a slight exaggeration. I tend to do that when I am trying to making a point. But the truth is, success results in focusing on “the process” and each of us doing the next right thing. This is why it is so important to focus on the fundamentals that contribute to having a healthier relationship to food. When you focus on “the process,” when you focus on making small, consistent changes, like the quality of food, eating mindfully, recognizing and managing emotions, taking care of yourself and creating strategies that work for you, you will profoundly transform your relationship to food. And by transforming your relationship to food, your body will intuitively transform as well. See “The Process” CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I encourage you to stop focusing on the scoreboard!!!

Consider what it would feel like to stop focusing on that EMPTY number in between your feet. Consider what it would feel like if THAT number was absolutely powerless… if THAT number didn’t define everything that has failed you or how much you have failed yourself.

Consider what it would feel like to ONLY think about your next “play” WITHOUT judgement of your last. That means regardless of what happened in the play before, regardless of what you ate or how you ate, you were able to focus only on the next play. No judgement. No punishing thoughts. Just standing up. Dusting yourself off. Digging into what YOU need to do to prepare yourself for the next play.

How would that feel?



For the next few days, focus ONLY on what you can control in that moment. Stop thinking about the scoreboard and winning the game. For the next few days simply focus on how you can add as many nutrient-dense foods to your meals as possible. Focus on quality. Focus on nutrients. Focus on how each bite tastes. That’s it. Jot down how you feel during your experiment. AND if a play gets messed up, you eat foods that make you feel crummy or you eat mindlessly to the bottom of a potato chip bag… Stop. No excuses. Dust yourself off. Get ready for the next play. Eat well. Nourish your body.

Need help with “the plan”? Check out the Nourish Your Body page.


Always with you, Sarah



Comment Below! Seriously. Tell me how the experiment goes for you. What did you notice?


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  1. Nicole says:

    This is beautiful, Sarah! So, true. I got goosebumps when reading this!! This resonates deeply with me, and is a great reminder of what I’m trying to do in my life!! Thank you!!!

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