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I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t believe that we are already beginning the Holiday season! Thanksgiving is right around the corner… Thursday, eek! I LOVE holiday traditions. I am always scheming and creating MORE, and MORE, and MORE traditions for our kids because when I look back on my childhood… that is the goodness I remember. One of the holiday traditions for our family that I joyfully anticipate each year may sound a little “anti-Thanksgiving”. haha

After our Thanksgiving feast, a true celebration of food and family, the table is cleared and we spread out store magazines, the Thanksgiving edition of the Houston Chronicle and every mailer collected in the weeks before. Then the kids go through the mounds of advertisements and write down everything they “NEED” for Christmas. ūüėČ We always knew we would only be receiving a select few gifts and our kids know that too… But it’s the joy of abundance that bubbles up in me when I think back to those moments and when I see my kids joyfully shouting “Look at this!!!”¬†AND that my friends, very much aligns with the true meaning of Thanksgiving.¬†Oh, how, I am thankful for the abundance all around me!!

Sarah, this has nothing to do with “plan to eat”!

I know, I am getting to it! I promise. So… this year my husband and I have decided that we are going to cut WAY back on Christmas and purchase meaningful and/or truly useful gifts for each other. Gifts that we will really use and appreciate year round. And Plan To Eat is one of the gifts I give myself EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR on BLACK FRIDAY!! I renew my subscription on Black Friday each year because it is ALWAYS half off!! makes my life so much more convenient, and it can completely change your meal planning too! In fact, when I was developing I made sure that my recipe section was compatible with because I wanted to be a part of the menu planning solution. I wanted to make your life easier!!

How works

Plan To Eat

Recipe collection

You enter your recipes in one of two ways. You can enter it manually in the form provided. OR my favorite!! You simply copy and paste the recipe url from any website and it auto-populates all of the recipe information. Soooo easy! You can upload as many recipes you would like and your recipe collection is available through their site. That means as long as you have internet connection, you can access your recipes! This is the best. This summer when we were vacationing¬†in Colorado, I was able to pull up all my recipes on my phone and ipad…. in the mountains where wifi coverage is shotty at best. And let’s be honest, who has room to take along their recipe box everywhere?!

Menu Planning

Each week I go through my recipes and plan what we will eat. Their menu planning is by far the easiest menu planning software out there. You drag and drop your recipes on to the planner. That’s it.

Grocery LISt

Once your recipes are in your planner, a grocery list is automatically generated. You simply select the dates you want to include on your shopping list, and it will include all of the ingredients from your selected recipes. The list can either be printed or accessed on your smartphone. I use my smartphone and check off as I go through the store. No digging for a pen at the bottom of your purse!

Check out this video for a full tour OR take advantage of their 30-day, completely FREE, no payment required trial period for the next few days. And if you like it as much as I do, then purchase it for HALF OFF in their Black Friday sale.

Click the image below to sign up!!

Plan To Eat Website Black Friday Sale


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Comment Below! Let me know if you purchased and how your like it!!

Disclaimer: I want to be completely honest with you. I did sign up for their affiliate program. That means I do get a small percentage for promoting their website so I may “earn” enough to get my program paid for. HOWEVER, this is NOT my intention. I just REALLY love their product and think it can help you as much as it has helped me.


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