Thanks for stopping by the™ Library. I believe that a healthy relationship with food is influenced by how we nourish our body, mind and spirit. To celebrate the presence of food in our life is to cultivate joy and peace.

Here are a few of the books that have helped nourish areas of my life. I hope you find them as fulfilling as I did. Cultivate joy and peace today with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

To review a synopsis of any of the books below, simply click the images.

Nourished Body

I don’t read a lot of nutrition books as I focus more on research from accredited scientific nutrition and health journals.  But, I found these fascinating, especially the Brain Maker and the Mind-Gut Connection. These are fairly easy reads about the enteric nervous system, the human body’s second brain, located in the gut. Very cool!!

brain-maker                    NYL Library- The Mind Gut Connection- Emeran Mayer, MD

NYL Library- the-big-fat-surprise

Nourished Spirit

These books have challenged me, made me laugh and made me cry but have made me a better person for having read them.

NYL Library- daring-greatly                 NYL Library- Rising Strong- Brene Brown

NYL Library- Year of Yes- Shonda Rhimes                NYL Library- Presence- Amy Cuddy

NYL Library- Carry On Warrior- Glennon Doyle Melton                NYL Library- Love Warrior- Glennon Doyle Melton

NYL Library- The Gifts of Imperfection- Brene Brown                 NYL Library- Furiously Happy- Jenny Lawson

Nourished Mind

Mindfulness may be a trendy topic, and just the thought of it can feel a bit “new-age-woo-hoo”, but this book is about Dan Harris’ journey of self-discovery and mindfulness written with lots of cynicism and humor.  Cynicism and Mindfulness?! Yes, please!

NYL Library- 10% Happier








Nourished Parenting

These books are  full of “new-school” parenting suggestions. They are all fantastic and incredibly insightful. HIGHLY recommend each of these.

NYL Library- Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids- Dr. Laura Markham                  NYL Library- The Conscious Parent- Shefali Tsabary, PhD

NYL Library- The Awakened Family- Shefali Tsabary               NYL Library- The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting- Brene Brown

Nourished Life

We can’t possibly feel nourished if we are surrounded by clutter and constantly doing housework. This book completely changed my perspective on “scarcity” and the role “scarcity” played in my life. After reading this book, I went from room to room clearing out everything that I didn’t love or use regularly.

Now I can officially open my utensil drawer without having to cram my hand into a one inch crack and swipe around to dislodge the measuring cups to open the drawer! Success!! I am by no means a minimalist yet, but I am off to a great start to a more simplified life.

NYL Library- The More of Less- Joshua Becker

Nourished Partnership

A healthy, happy partnership sure makes a difference in EVERY. SINGLE. PART of our lives! These are great books to nourish your partnership.

NYL Library- 10 Lessons To Transform Your Marriage- John Gottman, Ph.D            NYL Library- The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work- John Gottman, PhD

NYL Library- Wired for Love- Stan Tatkin, PsyD