Comfort food healthy relationship to food

Comfort Food in a Healthy Relationship To Food

The other day I saw an “expert” say that Food is NOT comfort. I’m going to tick off all the other “heal your relationship to food” experts with MY expert opinion. For anyone to say that food is NOT comfort… They must have never had a meal that felt like “home.”

My grandmother’s meatballs COMFORT me and make me feel HOME. My mama’s fried venison and mashed potatoes COMFORT me and make me feel HOME. Tex-Mex from our local Mexican restaurant COMFORTS me and makes me feel HOME.

And I am certain you have foods that COMFORT you and make you feel HOME.

Food is ONLY Fuel

This idea that food is ONLY fuel is sh*t.

Food can ABSOLUTELY be comforting and nourishing to your soul. I have a HEALTHY relationship to food. I also find certain foods COMFORTING.

It’s important to acknowledge that certain foods DO bring COMFORT and allow ourselves to savor these foods and the way they nourish our soul. It’s also important to eat HEALTHFUL and for YOUR unique Nourishment Blueprint.


Can Comfort Food Fit in A Healthy relationship to food?

So… Here’s a CRAZY idea….  What if having a positive relationship to food is BOTH? NOT either/or. What if by acknowledging that certain foods do in fact BRING COMFORT, you are setting yourself FREE from shame, guilt and inner war? Because there should be NO shame, guilt or inner war when food brings soul nourishing COMFORT.
Now with that being said… are meals that make you feel home the ONLY source of COMFORT?  Heck no! There’s MILLIONS of ways to bring yourself COMFORT and you should explore that. Really.

Secrets of a “Normal” Eater

But here’s a secret “normal eaters” know. They know that they can eat a comforting meal with family at the dinner table AND feel nourished. And ALL they feel as they sit and laugh in good company is JOY and PEACE in their heart. They aren’t ashamed for feeling comforted by food or enjoying a meal that may or may not nourish their body as much as their veggie loaded salad for lunch. They simply eat until they are no longer hungry and ENJOY their time with family.  They also know they can feel COMFORTED by a cozy blanket and slippers, a warm bath or a lingering hug from someone they love or just a good book.

Food should be celebrated not feared because it brings comfort to your soul!

Love and goodness, Sarah

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My name is Sarah Schneider and I am a holistic nutritionist. I help those who struggle with that one hook… a poor relationship to food… to help them bridge the gap between WANTING a health-centered life and CREATING a health-centered life for themselves.
NourishYourLife is a 3 month coaching program for mamas who want to discover their unique Nourishment Blueprint, Heal their Relationship to Food and Master Mindset for LASTING and SUSTAINABLE weight loss.

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