Why Afformations & Believing in Yourself Unlocks Your Success

I have been working through a new book, The Book of Afformations® by Noah St. John and this quote really stuck out for me.
“Your life is a reflection of the thought seeds you plant and give energy to.”

What You Appreciate, Appreciates!

For years I have followed the concept that what you appreciate, appreciates. Meaning. The thoughts you have, the things you come to appreciate in life, the things you give your energy to, will bring about MORE. So let’s say that you really appreciate your partner doing the little things in life. The more gratitude, the more you appreciate those acts of service, the more you will notice them showing up in your life. The same is true for your inner world. The more you appreciate certain behaviors or specific ways you show up in this world, the more you will notice yourself showing up in those ways.

INTRODUCTION of Afformations

This concept of AFFORMATIONS takes “what you appreciate, appreciates” a step further.
Let me ask you this, how many times have you asked yourself questions like these?
  • Why am I so unhappy?
  • Why can’t I lose weight?
  • Why is life so much easier for other people?
  • Why can’t I do anything right?
I think we have all been there. I think we have all asked these type of questions to ourselves. This is the negative thought gremlins at work. Judging you. Reminding you that you will never be enough. You will never be good enough, pretty enough, thing enough, smart enough, wealthy enough. You will never, ever, never, ever be enough.

You plant the thought seed, bring energy to it and that thought becomes your reality… choose wisely.

I have been at this mindset stuff for a long time. So… I know that your energy follows your thoughts. But I never considered hoe much more influential a question was then a statement. I have gone done the whole statements of affirmations for years; I even include this in part of my program because it works. What I didn’t know is how much more influential a question was than a statement. 
 You see… you get EXACTLY what you ask for- negative or positive. You ask yourself, “Why can’t I lose weight?” over and over and over again. And this becomes your reality. You come to know that no matter what you try, you always find it difficult to lose weight.” You are asking for exactly what you DON’T want. Interesting, right? 

Actions backed with seeds of fear and failure

Let’s look at it this way. What can’t I lose weight? If you grew up in an environment where maintaining weight was a struggle, then you would probably assume that losing weight is hard and that’s just the only way about it. Weight loss is hard. Weight loss is supposed to be a struggle. This is the way it is. Some people have it easy but weight loss is hard for me.
You tell yourself I want to lose weight. Your desire IS to lose weight. But the real belief you hold is that losing weight is hard and there’s no way I can do this. (you know, you’ve witnessed the struggle firsthand). 
Holding tight to this negative belief despite desiring more for yourself, your actions, the steps you would take to propel you forward would probably be actions enveloped in reluctance. You wouldn’t wholeheartedly act, you can’t wholeheartedly act, with feelings of reluctance and your result would reflect the lack of action.
I mean if you don’t have FULL faith in yourself, you don’t TRULY believe in yourself, your actions are going to be backed with… fear, anticipation of failure, done with the belief that it won’t work out. Wow. That’s not exactly the proactive actions that will propel you forward into the results you want. 
Actions backed with seeds of fear and failure will NEVER propel you into the results you desire.


how to Re-Wire Your Brain so you TRULY Believe in Yourself

So what do you do? How do you re-wire your brain to BELIEVE in yourself, motivating you to take the necessary ACTIONS to provide the RESULTS you have ALWAYS wanted for yourself?
Try this super easy change. Change your question!! Instead of “Why can’t I lose weight?”, ask yourself “Why is it so easy to lose weight?”
Seriously, that’s it! Ask yourself frequently and consistently, “Why is it so easy to lose weight?”
The idea is that the human brain is designed to answer a question when asked. So by asking yourself the question, your brain begins to scan for an answer and inspire you to take the necessary actions you need to take to get you the desired results. These answers bubble up and look a whole like “aha moments”.
So this week, try this. Write down the 1 question you struggle with the most. Write down the question your negative thought gremlins keep asking you over and over and over. Then write the reverse of that question. Write the question as if you already mastered it.
Why am I so happy?
What do I always have as much money as I need?
Why is it so easy for me to lose weight?
Why am I so successful in my career?
Why am I enough?
And then tell me how it goes! I am so interested in hearing about all of the goodness that bubbles up for you!
Love and goodness, Sarah

4 thoughts on “Why Afformations & Believing in Yourself Unlocks Your Success

  1. Yayra says:

    Thank you for this post. I love the idea of affirmations. It has helped to navigate difficult situations and reassure myself that i have what it takes tobmake it…

  2. Lisa says:

    I so believe that we become what we are saying and thinking. Still, I can find myself getting into a pattern of negativity and need a reminder like this post to make me aware of it and get moving back in the right direction. Thanks for sharing this!

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