Nourish Your Body

To nourish your body is to discover how certain foods nourish all bodies and then explore which foods, included or excluded in your Nourishment Blueprint™, help you feel healthy and vibrant. It’s all about finding your own north.

Let’s take this back to the human genome. I promise I won’t get too involved! We share about 99.5% of our DNA with every other human on this planet. That 99.5% is what makes us all human. The other 0.5% is what makes us all unique humans. And in that small 0.5% of unique DNA, there is more than 80 million variants.1

It’s because of these variances that there just cannot be one “diet plan” for everyone. Each human being is uniquely made, a custom-design, original work of art. Yes, you are a unique masterpiece! And that’s why we all need to discover our own Nourishment Blueprint™.


Nourish Your Body- Nourish Your Body Principles


HERE ARE THE GUIDING PRINCIPLES OF Nourishing Your Body AT nourish-your-life-org-logo-with-tm

This applies to EVERYONE’s Nourishment Blueprint™.  We ALL need to choose REAL, whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods to feel vibrant, healthy, and nourished.  With that being said, each of us will choose a different combination of whole, nutrient dense foods that fit our unique Nourishment Blueprint™.




Whole, Nutrient Dense Foods

Real, Whole, Unprocessed Foods

Whole foods come straight from nature typically in their original form. Ie. If you purchase whole potatoes and mash them, they are not exactly in their original form, but they are still considered a whole food. You get where I am going with this!


Benefits of Real, Whole, Unprocessed Foods:

  • Nutrient dense- that means they are loaded with nutrients- more protein, more fiber, more healthy fats, more vitamins and minerals, more antioxidants, more probiotics- MORE, MORE, MORE nutrients!
  • No added sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, artificial flavors, color additives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, etc. Foods that come from the earth or ocean are naturally free from ALL additives. Check out the “Ick List”.
  • They require more energy to metabolize (It’s a good thing for sure; check out my article on this!)
  • They reduce the risk of “high-energy intake”. This means that eating whole foods that are nutrient dense, satisfies the bodies nutrient requirements; this alerts the body to stop seeking out more food. 1



Quality Matters

Better food. Better Health. Better Life. It’s that simple.  When we choose the highest-quality version of foods, we choose foods that are bursting with natural, vibrant flavor and are loaded with nutrients.

Feelings of joy, pleasure and abundance bubble up when we experience true quality. Biting into a juicy, organic, heirloom tomato is a completely different experience than biting into a tasteless, tomato slice from a fast-food restaurant.

Quality Defined

Quality foods are foods that are produced and harvested as naturally as possible and are fresh! The orange tree in my backyard produces the most amazing oranges. They are full of flavor and so juicy my kids have orange juice up to their elbows when snacking on them. The oranges make our bodies feel nourished and the experience of plucking the oranges straight off the tree and snacking on them as a family nourishes our spirit. That’s quality.

Selecting Quality Foods

The majority of us do not live on a farm and have the opportunity to bite into bright tasting tomatoes straight off the vine from our backyards. So when selecting quality foods to nourish your body, mind and spirit, this is what to look for.

  • Fruits and vegetables- Organic when possible. If organic is not available, STILL eat your fruits and vegetables. Don’t let “organic was too expensive” get in the way of getting in those fruits and vegetables.
  • Meats and poultry- All-natural hormone and antibiotic free at minimum. Organic, grass-fed, free-range- whenever they are reasonably priced.
  • Seafood- Wild-seafood when possible. When buying farm-raised, look for “natural” farm-raised; this means seafood is free of antibiotics and hormones.
  • Dairy- rGBH free at minimum. Organic when possible.
  • Eggs- Omega-3, organic eggs. There is so little difference in price… pay the extra bit!
  • Grains and Beans- non-GMO and organic when possible

 Benefits of High-Quality Foods:

  • EVEN MORE Nutrient dense- that means they are loaded with nutrients- more protein, more fiber, more healthy fats, more vitamins and minerals, more antioxidants1, more probiotics- MORE, MORE, MORE nutrients!
  • Free of the ingredients on the Ick List.
  • Less exposure to pesticides, herbicides, herbicides, petroleum-based fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms (GMO)

 Sourcing Quality Foods

Grocery Stores

In the last several years, there has been a big push for major grocery chains to offer all natural (free from hormones, antibiotics, preservatives and other additives) and organic foods. Most grocery stores have their own private label organic brands that are reasonably priced. Here’s a list of a few grocers with a wide variety of organic foods. This list might surprise you!

Farmer’s Markets

Check out local farmer’s markets! Often times you will receive quality products at great price, and you get to support people within your community. Not all family-owned farms are certified organic but that doesn’t mean they use harmful pesticides either. The organic certification is expensive and the reason some family owned farms don’t pursue the certification. There might be a farm close to you whose practices meet the organic standards, it’s just not marked organic. That means you can get high-quality foods at great prices while supporting your local community. Win, Win, Win!


 Nourish Your Body- Cultivating Joy and Peace


Cultivating Joy and Peace Around Food choices

When we celebrate foods for all of the goodness it brings to our lives, we are able to cultivate more joy and peace around food choices. This is what nourishing our body, mind and spirit is all about.

Celebrating foods may look like an expertly crafted dinner for two with candles at a local farm to table restaurant. Or. It may be enjoying the simplicity of quality ingredients lovingly assembled in 15 minutes for a starving family. The experience of nourishing our bodies with good foods may appear varied but as long as the feelings of joy, pleasure and abundance bubble up within us, our bodies will respond equally well.


Nourish Your Body- Balance



If you live in the United States, you live in a processed food jungle! And while we are on this journey together, let’s remember to extend a little grace to ourselves. While my family and I live the nutrient-rich lifestyle for the most part, we are not immune to the pulls of processed food goodness. J It would be self-righteous and hypocritical of me to say that we never indulge in Cheez-its or Betty Crocker cookies… it happens!


By allowing ourselves indulgences in these foods from time to time, we are giving ourselves the gift of acceptance. When there are no foods with “forbidden labels”, they become devalued for all the right reasons giving us the opportunity to enjoy them modestly and guilt-free.  ALL foods are acceptable in balance.


 Nourish Your Body- Start Here!


Where to Start?

Choose the most nutrient-dense foods and then focus on quality. So for example, when buying rice. Choose brown rice over white rice (added fiber and protein!) and then choose organic if you have the budget to do so. This doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. Do this in a way that feels healthy to you. If that means you slowly transition everything over, great; if that means you grab a trash bag, clean out your pantry and donate everything unopened to the local food bank, great.