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Finally Discover the Plan that Works for YOUR Body & Heart




Does this sound FAMILIAR?

You have gained & lost the same 20, 30, 75 lbs over & over again

You are doing and eating everything “right” but it’s NOT working

You know what is healthy for your body but you just don’t do it

You know there’s something off but you can’t quite pin point it

You do really “good” for a few days, weeks even months and then QUIT…again

You even know why you emotionally eat but just can’t seem to stop



 If this sparks something in your heart, then THIS if for you!!



Nourishment Blueprint™ is a course uniquely designed to help you HEAL, NOURISH, & THRIVE. You want to lose the weight… you want a better relationship to food… But you can’t do that until you learn how to HEAL and NOURISH your body & heart.  

Nourishment Blueprint™ combines the BEST, most researched and EFFECTIVE practices to TRANSFORM your BODY, MIND, & HEART… and are COMBINED into ONE program! This integrative, comprehensive approach allows you to discover YOUR unique plan for COMPLETE health and healing.

I’m Sarah Schneider creator of Nourishment Blueprint™. I have a degree in Dietetics and Institutional Administration. I spent  nearly a decade in the  Nutritional Ingredient Industry studying and researching how nutrients influence the human body and metabolism.

And I am a woman on a mission! I help mamas QUIT dieting and learn how to Reset,  Heal & Nourish their Body, Mind & Hearts. Because…  I do NOT want one more mama to live One. More. Second in a body she doesn’t feel comfortable in OR with the negative thought gremlins swirling in her head, telling her “YOU are not enough”.

You DESERVE more.



The TRANSFORMATION you really want is ABSOLUTELY possible.  Imagine this…




1. You knew EXACTLY what to do when emotionally triggered and EXACTLY how to modify the behaviors that are not serving you so you could HEAL your relationship to food.

2. You knew the EXACT combination of foods that should be included and/or excluded for your unique Nourishment Blueprint.™ And by unlocking your personalized plan, you could HEAL your body, LOSE weight and FEEL amazing! 

3. You experienced MASSIVE and SUSTAINABLE results because you discovered how to do the HEAD & HEART work. 




Let's Do it Together!!


 Here’s what you will get!

ME! I will personally walk you through my Nourishment Blueprint™ course!

l will get to know YOU! And then I will target specific areas of improvement, provide personalized solutions and help you integrate this content to fit YOUR life so that you can meet all your health goals.

Each week you will hop on a group coaching call with me & fellow NourishYourLifers for guidance, accountability, and support from those who understand THIS journey! AND…. Each group member receives uninterrupted, personal coaching time with me during group calls.


The GROUP COACHING program includes!



You can completely TRANSFORM your body, mind & heart WITHOUT EVER


1. Counting another CALORIE or POINT or MACRO again

2. Depriving yourself or feeling constantly hungry

3. Stepping into another boot camp or extreme fitness class

4. Taking crazy, unhealthy pills or supplements


Yes, Sarah I want to HEAL, NOURISH & THRIVE, Let's talk!!



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Wait. Who are you?



And I am a Holistic Nutritionist.

I help Mamas QUIT dieting and learn how to Reset, Heal & Nourish their Body, Mind & Heart. I want mamas to live their BEST SELF and get what they want: healthy weight, a body they feel comfortable in, a peace-filled relationship to food, more confidence, more energy, more freedom, more JOY!

I have leveraged my 15 years of nutrition and metabolism research and MY own healing weight loss journey to create this comprehensive mind, body and & heart approach for lasting weight loss.

What makes this so different that all of those other weight loss programs you have tried? We say are saying BYE to counting calories, deprivation and starvation, crazy, unhealthy supplements and extreme fitness. AND BIG hello to lasting and sustainable weight loss.



Interested? Let’s chat.

Yes, Sarah I want to HEAL, NOURISH & THRIVE, Let's talk!!



Want to know what the next 12 weeks of your life look like?


Yes, Sarah I want to HEAL, NOURISH & THRIVE, Let's talk!!